How To Customise Snap Settings in Revit 2024


For those who may not be out!  Revit is snappy!  Seriously though, Revit Snaps is a tool that is turned on by default and aids you when you are working with your model.  The settings are in the Manage Tab of the Ribbon, Settings Panel, Snap command icon.







You can use the “Length dimension snap increments” and the “Angular dimension snap increments” to adjust how Revit creates entities based on length.  For example, a wall. When placing a component such as a desk family, you can use any existing Object Snaps to help place the entities quickly.  For example, you may want to place a particular family at the midpoint of another object or perhaps perpendicular to a different object.

here are also keyboard shortcuts shown in parentheses for each snap.  For example, SM is used for snap to midpoint. There are some snap functions that you can use on things such as Point Cloud files and Coordination Models if you have those types of entities linked/loaded into your Revit project.


Additionally, you can right-click on your mouse as you place a family to get to Snap Overrides…




One function is particularly excellent…Snap Mid Between 2 Points.  It allows you to place the object between the points you select.  It is like “Mid Between Two Points” within AutoCAD.


Explore the snaps features within Revit when you can.  This will help prevent Revit from “snapping” at you!