Hello my Name is! Naming items and views in Revit a must!

It is just one section, its just for me, no need to name it. I am only using this reference plane to align my roof deck, I know why its there, no need to name it. Oh wait, I need another section, ok maybe just one more. Ahh now I need another reference plan. Great now I need a detail here and one or two on the side of the main floor. Creating things is so easy in Revit, look at all that I have made. Wow, this job is almost done, it can wait tell I get back from holidays.


Meanwhile back at the office, your job has been pushed up and is going out to the client at the end of the week, and some one needs to dig through your model and figure out what is what.


Easiest example of this path to confusion,  is section or detail views. You know where you are cutting it and why you are cutting, maybe just name it that. If you don't Revit will give it the next best name....section 1, section 2, section 3. You see where we are going with this. This is great if it is a small easy project. But you get something a bit bigger then a gas bar, and a few people working in the model and things get out of control.




Revit it great for giving things the next best name, even with things like Reference Planes. So here is the trick, to help you and your modelling friends, if you cut it, place it name it, or what ever, NAME IT. Revit lets you name it what ever you want, and usually shows you where to name it. 




There is nothing worse then going into a model, and trying to set the 3D view to specific section and you get this;




Revit is here to make things easier for all of us. Take the few seconds it takes to name it, and you and everyone else on your team will thank you later. 


Stay tuned for more, helpful Revit work flow tips and tricks.