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Visual cue for OSNAPZ

Visual cue for OSNAPZ

There should be an icon in the tray that displays the staus of OSNAPZ - I have worked around it but how many times have people had to redo things because OSNAPZ was incorrect?


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I agree. we really need a dashboard of user-defined system variables that we can set and also have ACAD notify us IMMEDIATELY of a change of status. For instance, there are some toolpac and other commands (publish?) that turn off the AUTOSAVE and if they crash AUTOSAVE is left OFF.


then the technician really has egg on his face when his PC dumps 4 hours later and he did not know autosave was turned off. same thing with other important variables users hold near and dear. - Use a system of blinking red lights in the interface or a modal pop-up window.





There is some sort of new User Variable dialog in vanilla AutoCAD 2016 which will also be in Civil 2016 presumably.


Not sure what it involves but looks like it may be of some use




Here's a link to the AutoCAD 2016 help page for the System Variable Monitor Dialog. You can add additional system variables to the default ones so that you can get a balloon notification or command line message any time those specified variables are changed.


System Variable Monitor Dialog Box

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