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Sheet Set Manager

Sheet Set Manager

Ability to merge Sheet list table page numbers. Also have them remain dynamic to Sheet Set Manager.


1 Key Sheet

2-4 Summary of Pay Items

5-9 Summary of Quantities

10-15 Roadway Plans


Bold items represent merged Sheet number.


Right now we use fields to get the result you are requesting but if the sheet list could be setup using "subsets" instead of individual sheets, then I think you could get the result you are requesting.

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I was just about to post this myself! This would be great to have the subset remain in the sheet title column and in the sheet number column have it display the number range under that subset.  Or automatically merge the same Sheet title names and display the range of said names.

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Completely in favor of this. Nearly all my plans have identically-title sheets that the client insists not be separated out.  My only "workaround" is to manually edit the table cells.

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