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SAC: Loop to "return" a list of Links and a list of points it creates.

SAC: Loop to "return" a list of Links and a list of points it creates.

The new ability to use a Loop looks very promising.  But I think there are a couple things it still lacks:  have it "return" a list of links and a list of points that it creates.


Imagine that Loop "LO1" is used to create benching along the hillside.  Now imagine that I need to place some kind of stabilizer on the hillside (i.e. show a shape in cross section view).  I need to tell the shape what links to include.  So I might have a shape assigned to use L1, L2, LO1.links, L3 & L4.  The shape would automatically use all the links created in the loop.


LO.points would be a list of the points created by the loop.  I can't think of a use case scenario for this right off the top of my head but if you're adding the Links to API, I don't think it would be that difficult to also add points at the same time and it could prove useful down the road. 


I think it should also return the number of links it created so you might have LO1.links.count.

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