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Replace FeatureLine to another one as targets in the corridors.

Replace FeatureLine to another one as targets in the corridors.



We have a FL called "FL-1" in the corridor 1 (region 2, region 3 and region 5) as offset target.

We also have this FL as offset target and elevation target in corridor 2.



Now, we draw a new FL (FL-2), and we want a command to replace that FL as target in all corridor to this new FL.


This command ask us:

-Select original Feature Line to replace it (we select FL-1).

-Select new Feature Line (we select FL-2).


-A dialog box showing all corridors to check one or all of them.


If "MinimumDistanceBetweenSurfaces" doesn´t generate a dynamic FeatureLine, at least we can replace the old featureLine (we converted the polyline to FL) to the new FL if we call again this command.





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I have been thinking about this and maybe, a better way would be updating vertex of the old FL from the new FL.

So, instead of changing the entity in the Target Mapping, I update the data (vertex and elevation points) in the current FL which is already being assigned as a target.


I can do this from C3D API.

However, I have to do another command which should be called first to put all the corridors in "no auto-update" status temporarily while I am doing this.

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