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Project profile objects to plan

Project profile objects to plan

This may be specific to my needs, but I frequently place a lot of details (blocks) into a profile. I would really like to be able to project those objects (3D solids / multiview blocks) into the Plan view. -OR- At least be able to move items in Plan by moving the projected items in the profile view.

I use Civil 3D to create overland conveyor designs. Often the Alignment/Plan design is driven by the profile constraints. Think of very long bridges with a few buildings along the way.


Sorry, don't know why the double post....

Perhaps there should be a Delet Post on the Post Options.


Id love this Feature. 
i want  to trace and create a featured one from sectionview as a digital surveying tool like the recap and infra works 2024 versions. 
I get drone data regularly as a xml, and want to throw down an alignment and section it up and trace ditches and edge of pavements and things like that in a section view, and create a feature like or 3d poly. 

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