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Pipe Crossings Projected From One Profile to Another

Pipe Crossings Projected From One Profile to Another

I want to be able to project pipe crossings in one profile onto another profile in this manner:


  1. Maintain elevation of crossing in source profile when projected to target profile.
  2. Project the crossing from where the it crosses on the source profile (e.g. where it crosses source profile alignment in plan view) by aligning perpendicular to target profile.

This process is just like superimposing a profile line from one profile view onto another, except it applies to pipe crossings.


See the attached image for more information (the image is showing plan view).



i use profile view overlay to solve this issue


were you able to arrive at a solution for this?  I constantly struggle with this problem.  From what I can tell, Civil 3D 2017 is unable to superimpose a pipe crossing at a single crossing point as a "circle/ellipse".  The software can only superimpose a pipe by connecting a line from end to end thus showing the entire pipe length.


I have run into the same issue.  When running an offset profile (19' away), I am displaying some pipes.  When I want to display pipes that cross these pipes (which run parallel to my alignment 19' away), I am able to, only if the pipe i want to show as crossing physically crosses the alignment as well (19' away from what I'm profiling).  Second, it works if that pipe is perpendicular for the correct station, but the invert is the crossing invert at the alignment 19' away, not the invert at the offset.  If the pipe is angled (not perpendicular to the alignment), both the stationing and the invert are incorrect - and pipe crossing styles do not work.


I think I am going to have to do a lot of "manual" drafting for pipe crossings until this issue is addressed in the software by Autodesk.  It makes for long weeks / weekends.

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Here is a workflow that works pretty well for me:


  1. Use the convertto3dsolids command to make your pipes 3D solid objects.
  2. Use the Polysolid command to draw a 3D solid "wall" along where you want to cut crossings out of the pipes. Make sure the polysolid intersects all the pipes you want to extract crossings from.
  3. Use the interfere command to find interferences between the polysolid and your pipe solids. Uncheck the "delete interference objects created on close" checkbox so you can project the interferences onto a profile.

It's a little tedious but this method gives me complete control of crossings. I hope this helps!

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