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PI and PVI Names and Description

PI and PVI Names and Description

PIs and PVIs shall be permitted for User-defined Names and description, based on the project requirement. Names shall hold alfa-numeric data up to 8/10 Character in length. Example 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b, 101b, 1201c, UP-12, DN-106d.  Some projects,  we need to maintain the existing naming conventions, especially while working with brown-field projects.

Each PI and PVI shall hold an optional description, for designer convenient.

PI_Name, PVI_Name, PI-Desc and PVI_desc  shall be available for curve annotations. 


Similarly, consider the naming each Elements in Horizontal and Profile.

For example

A tangent Name ="Zoo-T1"; Description= "Zoo side tangent-1"

A Arc name ="EC-R1"; Description= "East-coast to city Turn"

A Gradient  Name = "F-3"; Description= "Long fall from monkey Hill"


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This improvement will help us with efficient workflow in track alignment design.

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