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Paste surface dialogue (Reorganize order of surfaces)

Paste surface dialogue (Reorganize order of surfaces)



I would like to see some "up and down" buttons in the Paste Surface dialogue. It seems like a small coding issue, and I feel it could help a lot when it comes to pasting surfaces. Now they are alphabetically sorted and if the surfaces is not in the correct order you will have to do the paste operation several times.

Here is an image of what I mean:

paste surface move buttons.jpg


They can be reorganized after the fact in Surface Properties > Definition tab.


I know, thats where i got the button graphics from :). But I feel they would serve us well in the paste dialouge also.


Yes, to keep from having to run the "paste" command then edit the definition. That's a multi-click two step process that could be completed in a single dialog. Maybe add check boxes for which surfaces to paste then they could automatically be moved to the top of the list beginning with the one you check first but with the arrows you could rearrange as needed before pasting.

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