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Merge Corridors

Merge Corridors

I know people have posted this idea before, but it is becoming more important.  The new Create Corridor window gives us a lot of power to map feature lines to assemblies.  However once the corridor is created, adding new feature lines becomes a slow process.


It would be great to get a similar window up add multiple baselines to an existing corridor, but absent that, the ability to merge corridors would be a good add.


New Create Corridor Window:



Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @brian.strandberg 

We're hard at work finishing the multiple baseline workflow to let you add multiple baselines to an existing corridor. Merging corridors is a little further down the line, but adding multiple baselines to a corridor is coming soon.

Got that - I passed on some suggestions to Kitty on your team for how we can improve that workflow.  Thanks for your teams efforts.

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @brian.strandberg we just launched Civil 3D 2024.4, which completes the multiple baseline corridor workflow. In 2024.4, we rounded out the workflow so you can add multiple baselines to an existing corridor. 

Would you please check it out and let me know if it satisfies your request?

Sweet - I have been waiting for this.  That will definitely help.  Thanks.


Hi @TimYarris,
will the new workflow, to add multiple baselines to an existing corridor, also be available in Civil3D 2025.1?

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