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Feature line label - name & description

Feature line label - name & description

It would be great if we could label a feature line's given name and description.  This simple additional would, for me, make feature lines much more versatile.  Alignments labelling supports Name and Description, I think feature line labelling should also.


We could name, describe and label grading feature lines so other users could understand how a surface is graded.

We could name, describe and label surveyed data such as as-built drainage pipes without the need to manually edit labels.


feature line name label.png


feature line name.png


I do most of my design work in a file that is NOT included in the plan set.  The corridor(s), alignments, surfaces etc are all attached to my plan sheets as data shortcuts.  So having a label on the featureline would not effect my plan sheets but would be EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL during the design process. 


For example, when I'm working on a corridor that someone else started, I often have to see what featurelines they used as targets.  The corridor tells me it is targeting "Featureline (10)" so then I have to go FIND that FL.  If it had a label attached, that would be SO HELPFUL.


@doni49 don't forget to vote for this idea.  I didn't think about the corridor targeting and I agree.  I generally avoid use feature lines because I found drawings that use them often become disorganized.  I can't imagine this would be difficult for the AutoDesk developers to implement.


@m_kingdon wrote:

I found drawings that use them often become disorganized

Yep.  That's why I would LOVE to be able to label them.


Good idea! 

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


I'd also like the description field to be added to the project explorer.  It is present for most other objects, but not feature lines for some reason.




I also want the ability to create feature lines on the layer defined by the style.


style layer.png


I wonder if Feature Lines were originally an afterthought and the team had felt they were already finished with the first run of Civil 3D programming and didn't want to stop to add this labeling type. Or...maybe they originally didn't imagine labeling feature lines, only surfaces and parcels, so feature line labeling was never born. Well, it was born, but it wasn't nurtured. 


Anyway, @TimYarris , please advocate for this when you're making decisions among your team. I know you can see the need.



I always label feature lines with their Start Z, End Z, Slope and a direction arrow.  Being able to see exactly what's going with a group of feature lines that interact with each other is so much easier for my brain to comprehend when I can see it all in front of me.


I'd like to see the labelling operate like the labels for alignments so when I add or remove segments, curve, elevation nodes the labelling is applied to the entire feature line.  As it is now, if I add more elevations or nodes to the line an lose labels at the end.


Labelling for feature lines could use a little more work.



Note: You can write in <[Name, CP]> and <[Description, CP]> in to label style editor, it will accept it, but it won't display the name or description.  So its close to working.


I have just added Data Shortcut Feature Lines as another idea.  I really think it is time that feature lines get fully fleshed out.


They are currently, only partially labelable and non-referenable.  For such an important object in Civil 3D, they must support full labelling and be able to be reference in other drawings.



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