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expressions with data from several entities.

expressions with data from several entities.

There is a huge limitation in Civil 3D about creating expressions to label some data in the drawing.


For example:

Imagine that we have an alignment which contains a free curve with spirals.

The entity has 3 subentities: spiral, curve, spiral, but if we want to label the total length of this entity, we can´t, because we must label the length for the spiral, the length for the arc and the length for the last spiral.


I mean, we can´t create an expression taking values from other entities of the alignment.


I would like we could take data from the previous entity(if it exists) and from the next entity(if it exists).





If I created a new expression in the Arc folder, then I were able to add values from another entities, in particular, the PREVIOUS entity and the NEXT entity.


There is also an issue with Design Check Sets, about this point.


Design Rule:

Minimum lenght of the line if it is between 2 arcs with the same clockwise..


You can´t create a Design Check considerating that condition because you can´t create a Design check which checks if the line is between 2 arcs with the same clockwise...


So, we need to be able to get the data from the "previous" and "next" entity in the EXPRESSIONS, and in the Design Checks.

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