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Create Pipe Network from GIS

Create Pipe Network from GIS

We have create pipe network from object, but that creates an individual network for each object.


When doing area/regional modeling it makes sense to have a create pipe network from GIS data command available.  This would help us leverage already available data.  Right now, this is a very slow task.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for posting this idea. Have you tried doing this with the Connector for ArcGIS for Civil 3D?

Yes I have, when it comes up to import layers the only options are AutoCAD objects.


Here, I am importing City of Seattle Storm network data:


It would be great to have the option to get the Inlets as Structures.  This isn't a great example as I'm not seeing a pipe option.


For that matter, it would also be helpful if we could create Parcels from GIS data.


Thanks for your help.

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