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Change status of "elevation point" of a Feature line

Change status of "elevation point" of a Feature line


When we add an Elevation Point in a Feature Line, that elevation will be the interpolated one between the previous and next vertex/ elevation points.

However, sometimes I just add an elevation point to check/query the interpolated elevation in that location.

If we edit the elevation of the previous or next vertex, then that elevation point remains with the same elevation.

It would be interesting if we could change the status of an elevation point to "Read only". This way the elevation will be recalculated by the software dynamically. We could do this in the Elevations Editor-- right click on the row and select "convert to interpolate dynamic"


Very interesting...  Like another type of EP that just sets on the current grade and when quick editing you grade straight thru them.?.  It's making my brain hurt a little.


I know you're not asking but I use command:ID & snap to nearest on featureline for quick query.  elev points are handy in some instances especially where they can be removed from a curved featureline and not ruin it.  They'd be cooler if we could grip edit them vertically.  If you aren't using them for elevation control, you could simply remove them. There is an {All} option when doing so.  Or straighten them out between PI's with Command: SetFeatureGrade




Yes, I use ID and nearest snap. It is good.

My FL is a breakline in a surface so in that location of the elevatiin points it can have interpolated elevation or another elevation, so I have to edit it constantlly to get particular slopes of the surface.

  • Instead of another type of EP I would prefer a way to change its status.  Interpolate would be read only and cell would be disabled in gray background.

I think I'm seeing what you're trying to accomplish.  You're on to something here.  I think more people will vote this up if they understand it completely.  I'm sure you're familiar with supplement factors when adding breaklines and it seems you're using elevation points for query & supplement / frequency add.  Giving a static option or "interpolate" may be kinda cool.  Have a good day.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.

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