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Structures at end of vertex of polyline PipeNetworks

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Structures at end of vertex of polyline PipeNetworks

A structure was created at each polyline vertex within Pipe Networks Civil 3d.  How do I change this default setting for a created pipe network?


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I have the same question, this worked back in 2008 or 2009, when converting a polyline with vertices it would come in as one pipe with vertices.  Now using Civil 3D 2014, there is a structure inserted at each vertex.  We have a lot of curved pipes saved in GIS that are drawn as polylines with many straight segments, so this is a very important feature to us.


Nick Birth, PE

Hydraulic Engineering Section

San Francisco Public Works

City and County of San Francisco 

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@Anonymous, Nick, I just opened up an old laptop for the first time in years. It still has C3D2008 installed so tried to duplicate what you describe and see no way of creating a single pipe with multiple vertices. Perhaps you used a tool to convert the segmented pline to one with radii prior to converting to a pipe network? I don't recall a pipe being anything other than one with start and end points, and a radius for a curved pipe.

Jeff_M, also a frequent Swamper
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Hi Jeff, thanks for checking, it turns out I had done as you suggested and used a curved pipe.  It was so long ago I had convinced myself I did it the other way!

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