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Structure Table | Inverts By Direction?

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Structure Table | Inverts By Direction?

How does one go about setting up a Structure Table that looks like this, where each Structure Invert is in a separate column:




... And NOT something that looks like this (which is all I've been able to figure out Smiley Surprised ); we do not want all of the Inverts are dumped into a single column:







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I've attempted tables like this before but always come across the same shortfall in Civil 3D - trying to write expressions for pipes in structure tables or vice versa.  The "Connected Pipes" options that you can label in a structure table are left out of the available options for writing expressions; otherwise, you could just have a bunch of if-then's for each pipe direction you are looking for and be done with it.


I would love to be able to create a table similar to what you top image shows, but I have never found a good way.  We had a similar go at it in this thread:


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I'll look at adding a way to do this in my Pipe Network Tool Suite. Should be pretty straight forward in .NET.

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in reply to: sirjoelsph

Thanks for confirming the long-standing shortfall, Joel. :beer:






*Shakes fist at Autodesk*  Grrr

"How we think determines what we do, and what we do determines what we get."

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Thank you for your recent forum post.  My name is Sean and I am more than happy to help you with this issue. I see from the thread that other members of the community have been working with you on this issue regarding Structure Tables inside AutoCAD Civil 3D. I also see our users have confirmed this missing functionality. May I suggest you post this suggest to the Civil 3D Ideas Portal. Please see the link below.


Do you have an idea on how to make an Autodesk products or services better? Search existing ideas to see if someone else has already suggested something similar, give kudos to add your vote for future implementation, or post new suggestions in one of our corresponding Ideas Portals (see link below).


I have subscribed to the thread though and will continue to monitor it should you need additional assistance. If you would like to re-open the case and communicate directly, you may do so at any time in the next 30 days by either replying to this post.


Thank you again for contacting Autodesk Technical Support!


Best regards,



Sean Hulbert, PE

Autodesk Technical Support


Timothy "Sean" Hulbert, PE

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Will do - Problem is that 'Idea Station' is predominately a 'You Utterly Forgot The Obvious' forum in effect. Haha :eyeroll:

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"How we think determines what we do, and what we do determines what we get."

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in reply to: BlackBox_

Steve, is it going to be hard to do that? I know we have adjusted our Structure Table to the best we can get it to be thru what we can customize, but if you can do like Blackbox can.... That would be sweet.

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