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Making annotative scale different from viewport scale

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Making annotative scale different from viewport scale

I have a drawing with several layouts, and in one particular layout only, I want the text to be smaller than the annotation scale would dictate (the viewport is 1"=300', but I want the text to display at 1"=50' annotation scale).


I tried selecting the viewport and changing the "annotation scale" property to 1"=50', then the "standard scale" property to 1"=300'.


Strangely, this seems to work for a bunch of MText objects I have in the drawing, but it won't work for an alignment station label group or for a particular linetype...for some reason, those two things insist on having their annotation scale equal to the viewport scale.


I tried messing around with the alignment station label group's style but couldn't figure anything out. As far as the line/linetype, I'm completely at a loss why that one wouldn't change.


Any help?

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@Anonymous wrote:

As far as the line/linetype, I'm completely at a loss why that one wouldn't change.


I can't get linetype scales to update either (at least not for feature lines).

Don Ireland
Engineering Design Technician

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Can't be done, sorry.
I presume your mtext is annotative; these objects play nicely with the 'Annotative' scale of viewports.
C3D objects don't interact with the 'Annotative' scale of a viewport; they only look at the viewport scale.

Mark Green

Working on Civil 3D in Canada

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in reply to: troma

Yeah, I assumed there was something wrong with my drawing but after searching around the internet some more, I've realized that this is just the way Civil 3D blows my mind that they don't have the same annotation scale functionality for Civil 3D objects...I think they just asssume styles solve everything, but they don't when you want to display things differently in two different viewports that are a part of the same drawing. The juxtaposition of brilliant design and clumsy design in Civil 3D is kind of bewildering.

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