Autodesk Research Community


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The Autodesk Research Community is proud to announce it's a 2023 Alida Delta Award Winner. Learn how customer-user research excellence shapes Autodesk's technology and drives industry innovation.
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Autodesk's research teams value the real-world insights and data provided by customers to develop and improve their technology to help you design, make and create a better world for all. Read how your feedback can really make an impact as ACS Senior User Experience Researcher, Matteo Zallio shares the importance of research in this blog. 
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The Autodesk Research Community (ARC) is thrilled to announce its year-long partnership with Women in BIM (WIB) on International Women’s Day 2023.   Both organizations are committed to this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity to ensure more women’s voices are heard when impacting innovation and technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.
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Autodesk has a rich customer research ecosystem to ensure its design technology supports customers' needs and creativity. This collaboration helps achieve new possibilities, empowering customers to design, innovate and create a better world. Working across multiple industries, learn more about the distinctive and collaborative communities within Autodesk, and how to get involved and provide your input and feedback as we move along the design technology journey.
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  Autodesk prototyped an engine that could generate multiple structural design options. The aim was to connect architecture and construction considerations, helping AEC disciplines better understand impacts on sustainability, time and cost at the earliest stages of design.     The team received feedback at the AU 2019 Idea Exchange from customers, including WSP, on how they potentially saw its capacity in their workflows. 
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Our Members are an integral part of the Autodesk Research Community and each one of them has an amazing story to tell. Our “Member Spotlight” features will allow us to showcase some of our passionate and active members in our community. Silvia Gioja shares how she's building a great example for Women in Construction.
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Research is a vital component of Autodesk’s drive for innovation and discovery. To develop products our customers value, your ongoing participation and collaboration have helped us curate an exemplary customer research culture and experience and help you shape the future of your Autodesk experience.