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Project Basejump for AutoCAD Map 3D Now Available on Autodesk Labs

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Project Basejump for AutoCAD Map 3D Now Available on Autodesk Labs

Project Basejump is a free technology preview on Autodesk Labs:


You can try inserting from Bing as a base layer in your AutoCAD Map 3D drawings. Please try it and reply to this thread.

Scott Sheppard
Program Manager
Autodesk Labs
Autodesk, Inc.
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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Is it compatible with any version other than 2013?  I'd like to try it out, but I only have 2010...



GIS Specialist

BOXX Technologies APEXX 2 2402 Workstation
Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.4 GHz
32 GB RAM / 500 GB SSD
NVIDIA Quadro M2000 Graphics
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit C3D 2017
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in reply to: scott.sheppard

We have been patiently waiting for this technology for a while and look forward to providing feedback on this new feature.


One question:


The Availability states: “This technology preview will operate until June 30, 2012.”  Is that correct, that it will expire in two months?




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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Is there any sort of help associated with this? I'm constantly seeing the error:

There was a problem adding data to Map.

I've tried a bunch of different coordinate systems and locations. It starts Adding Layers... and then throws the above error. I'm using Map 3D 2013 x64. Thanks.

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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Not seeing the connection issue here.


Civil 3D 2013 x64 connects to all three Bing Servcies without issue.


Thank you!!!

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in reply to: tyronebk

I have the same issue and disabled my firewall to test if that was the issue, and was able to connect succesfully with the firewall disabled.


I am using Zone Alarm


I don't want to run my computer on the internet with out a firewall though. 😞


I have sent an email to autodesk lab requesting info on which program or port I need to allow internet access in order to get it to work.


I checked and all the autodesk programs and components have access to the internet.

If a post provides a fix for your issue, click on "Accept as Solution" to help other users find solutions to problems they might have that are similar to yours.

Andrew Puller
Maitland, NSW, Australia
Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit
Intel core i7 11800 @ 2.30 GHz with 32GB Ram
Civil 3d 2021
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in reply to: nwray

Hi Norm,


I'm sorry, this technology preview only opperates wtih AutoCAD Map 3D 2013 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013.


Best regards,



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in reply to: cderrico


You are right, our agreement with Microsoft is that we will have this technology preview on Labs until June 30. Your feedback determines what happens next.

Best regards,



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in reply to: andrewpuller3811

Hi Andrew,


Basejump Technology Preview connects to Bing Maps Services using https and http. Please make sure that Map 3D Client (acad.exe) is able to connect to the internet through your firewall.


Best regards, Hanspeter


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That's a pretty good thing. I can see the power we could get out of this.


However, the main problem I see so far is the quality of the Bing image in Switzerland: while the Bing roads are quite precise, the aerial view is somehow translated, which isn't useful when one's working.




What you see in that pricture (from foreground to background):

1. Water network (red, blue and yellow pipes, valves and labels) comes from the Oracle database

2. the "white" roads and the buildings come from the database

3. the "gray" roads were added by the Bing connection

4. the Bing raster.


1 and 2 use the coordinates "CH1903/GBS.LV03-M".

3 and 4 use the coordinates "WGS84.PseudoMercator".


What we can notice:

On the road going from bottom-right to top-left, the layers 1, 2 and 3 are quite good as it's a main road; the raster is translated...

On the road going from bottom-right to top-middle, the layers 1, 2 are good (that's normal, as the network is based on these roads); the layer 3 is no more that precise on secondary roads and the raster is translated...

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in reply to: daniel.appert

Hi all,


I tested the the new brave Basejump project Friday 4th of may.

It is wonderful, and all works well also with italian coordinate systems.

I wrote about it in my italian Blog:

(you can choose Google translate to read it in english language)


The only problem is the same of all WMS connections.

If you use a Proxy, like many of our customers, you can’t connect to Bing.

I used an other line, free from the Proxy, but I know tha many people will ask me how to solve this problem, to use beautiful Bing maps in their projects


I already applied the solution of the Knwledge Base:


But, unfortunately, i need to introduce also name and password.

I tried also to cìreate system variable all_proxy, like:




But the connection doesn’t work.


If you can find any workaround, it will be vey useful!


Many thanks


Giovanni (GimmiGIS) Perego from Italy


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in reply to: scott.sheppard

I wasn't able to test in AutoCAD Map3D 2012 I will have to wait until I can install a 2013


I was wondering about Bing Maps License. Do we need to purchase a separate Microsoft Bing Enterprise License for using Basejump?





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in reply to: gperego



No, there is no need for a separate Bing Maps License to use the timely limited Basejump Technology Preview.


Best regards, Hanspeter

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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Thanks for the preview. It's simple and works quickly.


I notice there is only an Add to Map option. Is there no way to clip the map, short of creating your own coordinate system? That works, but it takes a while and I don't think most users know how to do that. It would be easier to just have a clipping option.


When you select the map it is listed as ACMAPGISGRIDSURFACEENTITY. That makes me think there may be a topography element to this. Is there a way to access that?







Tim Corey
MicroCAD Training and Consulting, Inc.
Redding, CA
Autodesk Gold Reseller

New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Very nice. Simple to install and use, I can see a great benefit for maps that i prepare.

Plus, you can actually print with Bing in the background!  Any way to add that feature to AIMS?

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in reply to: tcorey

Hi Tim,


On Add to Map, the Bing map is transformed into the coordinate system of your current Map project. The map is therefore clipped to the valid extens of the coordinate system. If the Bing map is the first layer beeing added, the Map project gets the default coordinate system of Bing Maps which is Pseudo Mercator and covers the entire world.


Regarding "topography element", do you ask if the entity contains elevation data? Not every ACMAPGISGRIDSURFACEENTITY’s image has elevation data. Currently, the Bing map entity does not have elevation data.


Best regards, Hanspeter

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in reply to: scott.sheppard

Works great. But in several rotated viewports the image remains extremely pixelated.

Some of the rotated viewports look nice and the image refreshes with each zoom.

Two of them (same scale and everything) will not refresh and you cannot see anything except huge pixels.


Anything I can try?

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in reply to: johnerh

Thanks, Hanspeter, for the reply. Yes, I saw that the map takes on the extents of your assigned coordinate system and I was able to make my own coordinate system so I could clip the image more closely to my project. My question was if there is a way to apply to the map a clip that would work the way AutoCAD's Imageclip works. It appears the answer is no. If you have any pull with the Autodesk development team responsible for this tool, you might ask them to consider this feature. As I stated in my previous post, there will be more users who know how to use imageclip than know how to create their own coordinate system. Users will want to clip these maps. I don't like carrying around a map that covers an entire zone when I only need to show a hundred-acre parcel. My guess is that others would feel the same. Overall, this is a really nice feature for Civil 3D and Map users. We just want it to be perfect. Thanks again, Tim

Tim Corey
MicroCAD Training and Consulting, Inc.
Redding, CA
Autodesk Gold Reseller

New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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in reply to: gperego

I used the program this week, it is very simple to use and it give us something at lease. I would love to see Seemless Data incorporated for Topo and High Resz graphic, it is also free to used but pouch more difficult to use then this. Please keep it. We need this tool.
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Works very well for me. I hope we can keep it...


Regards, E.

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