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MPolygon Editing

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MPolygon Editing

How come I can't do grip edits on MPolygons in Map 2011?  I might be mistaken but I was sure we could do this in 2010 couldn't we?

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in reply to: Gary_Braun

Same problem here, somebody needs to solve this one !!


On my laptop, 64b Wondows 7 system with Autocad Civil 2011 the Civil crashes if i cross a MPOLYGON with my mouse.


MPOLYGONS are very important for us.


many thanks to everyone with the effort to solve this.

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in reply to: Anonymous

maybe grips variable?


0 hides grips

1 displays grips

2 displays additional midpoint grips on pline segments





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in reply to: Gary_Braun

the grips variable does not help.

I am convinced ths is a bug, maybe they forgot the real MAP functions...


good try anyway !

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in reply to: Gary_Braun

It's not just C3D - I've also had problems importing MPolygons in Map3D on Win7 64bit 2011.  I've had a support request in on this, but closed it as I moved on to other problems.  Seem's unstable to me.



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in reply to: Anonymous




There is a major bug in MPolygon Editing with MAP or CIVIL 2011 (32 or 64 bits versions).

SP1 / Update 1 and SP2 / Update 2 (for MAP 2011) have not solve this major bug !!


But there is a possible way to solve this bug :

USE the AcMPolygon*.* files coming from a MAP / CIVIL 2012


Please save BEFORE the original files of your MAP / CIVIL 2011 before ...


I explain the problem and the solution into a French Forum :


Bye, Patrice (from France)





Patrice ( Supporting Troops ) - Autodesk Expert Elite
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Patrice BRAUD


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