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AutoCAD LT 2014 Flickering Issue

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AutoCAD LT 2014 Flickering Issue

My office recently received the update from 2013LT to 2014 LT, and after installing them, I'm noticing an issue that I don't understand.


If you go to the link below, you'll see a video of the problem.  Basically, when more than one drawing is open, as the user pans around or zooms in and out, the application status bar starts to go nuts, with the word "unrecognized" popping in and out, as well as a small symbol to its left.  Also, while all of this is happening, the colour in the layers bar at the top of the drawing flickers somewhat randomly.  So far, 5 of the 11 copies have had this issue, and 3 of those licenses haven't been used yet.


I'm experiencing this on multiple machines, across multiple platforms.  This includes Core I7's with 8 Gigs of DDR3 RAM and Radeon 6450's running windows 7, all the way to Core 2 Duo's running 64 bit XP with 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM.  


Please see video below:


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the Autodesk Forums!


Autodesk is aware of this issue and released a statement stating that the suggested workaround is not the best solution and could cause other issues.

If I remember correctly the fix should be in the first service pack that typically gets issued several months after the initial release.

Many firms that use Autodesk products for production do not fully implement the new software until after the first SP or after having done extensive in house testing to verify that the release will work as expected and meet the needs of the firm without causing undue downtime.

This may also be a good time to let your reseller know of the issue since they too hav ethe ear of Autodesk and want to make sure that your product is performning as you see fit.

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in reply to: neilknowles6510

You don't need to download anything, just a little bit of Registry Editing.

It's just a bit easier if you download (or create) a .reg file and import it.  Very simple method and the problem is fixed. I have been using this method for the last few weeks on 4 different installations - NO PROBLEMS.


In case you missed it:

Confirm Windows 7 x64 (other OS's may have a different fix)


Create a new text file on your desktop


Open file with text editor


Copy/Paste the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Save and Rename the file to something like FIXLT.reg


Double click the *.reg file.


Proceed through various windows prompts.



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in reply to: Anonymous

works for me great!!!!!!!
autodesk wake up
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in reply to: Anonymous

Welcome to the Autodesk Forums!


They are awake but they are always three hours behind me...

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in reply to: Anonymous



You wrote: Double click the *.reg file.

Can you please explain this? What *.reg file? Where is it? Are you refering to the one created called FIXLT.reg or is there another one?


Also do we need to include the phrase: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 in the copy paste operation?




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in reply to: marchitect_nc

Yes, double click the file you created.

Yes, the 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00' is required.


Also, I put the * in as a 'wildcard' for FIXLT.reg because you might have named it something else.

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in reply to: Anonymous

It worked for me too. Many thanks
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in reply to: Anonymous

I can also confirm that the FIXLT.reg fixed the problem. 

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in reply to: Charles_Shade

After testing on my computer I passed the file to my colleagues and it sorted their flickering issue too.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Works like a charm on mine. (I'm running the R19.1)

What I did noticed however is, the 2014 file is about 750KB-1MB larger than the 2013 file.


Thanks again

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in reply to: Anonymous

Has anyone tried the new Service Pack?  

The Readme didn't mention this issue specifically unless they labeled it something obscure

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in reply to: Anonymous

I loaded the new service pack. No issues. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

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in reply to: Anonymous

i downloaded and installed service pack one today. No difference, the issue is not resolved.


Deeply disappointed in Autocad. Only being able to open one drawing at a time is something that they introduced in LT2000 i think, we have regressed all the way back to that.


neil knowles


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in reply to: neilknowles6510

You will have to run the Regedit fix to corrct the flickering issue. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Well perhaps. But way beyond my understanding of Windows. I'm a lighting designer. Lights, i am good on. Any questions with lighting, come to me. Editing registries? Not so much.

As far as i am concerned, we spent several thousand pounds on a product which does not work, and is now unlikely to be fixed as the possibility of it being fixed via service pack one has been missed. Auto CAD LT 2014 is utter ****, and we are not happy with it.

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and stop editing my comments Auto Desk, if i want to compare LT 2014 to excrement, i will do. less of your prudish little stars please.

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in reply to: neilknowles6510

Our problems have been solved without editing any registries. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned that they tried replacing the "aeccore.crx" file with another, older aeccore.crx file. I've been implementing this at my office and it seems to have worked very well. Try that, I think someone even posted a link to a 2013 aeccore.crx file you can use. No registry editing required!
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in reply to: Anonymous


Hello From France


I confirm that the French ACAD LT 2014 32 & 64 bits are running fine

with the files "AecCore.crx" 32 or 64 bits coming from the French ACAD LT 2013 !


Bye, Pat



Patrice ( Supporting Troops ) - Autodesk Expert Elite
If you are happy with my answer please mark "Accept as Solution" and if very happy please give me a Kudos (Felicitations) - Thanks

Patrice BRAUD


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in reply to: Anonymous

The fix starts at Message 40

Yes that is dissapointing that a known issue was not resolved with the SP. The fix though may have led to other far more egregious issues and it was deemed best to leave as is for the time being.

I have not had the issues that otheres report here so do not think it is comepletely a software issue.

I have yet to be able to install the LT program or SP without a 1603 error and this SP is no different. Does that happen to you? Should I demand the software be written specifically for my system?

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