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Toon Shading in Arnold

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Toon Shading in Arnold

Maya has a two-tone shaded brightness shader, and I was wondering how I could achieve that with Arnold's aiToon shader. I already tried plugging in a ramp texture to the tonemap of base color, but am not having any luck. I've watched tutorials, but my toon shader doesn't seem to behave like those in the videos? I'm using the latest Arnold 5.2.

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How have you lit the scene? Did you try this Toon scene? Can you upload some images? Toon documentation here.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Thanks for the links. I was able to get a little closer to what I was going for, but still not quite there. I tried balancing the specular and base color weights a bit more, and got better results. It seems that I need to rely more on the specular tonemap more than the base tonemap to get that two-tone effect? I'm going to fiddle with it some more. Still not as clean as the Maya two-tone brightness shader. Gonna have to refer back to that file in the link as well. That worked really well. Now I just need to replicate it in my own scene.

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