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Skydome light alpha control

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Skydome light alpha control

Hi there,

This simple question is not apparently so easy to answer.

I need my HDRI dome light to appear in the RGB channels, but should be black in the alpha channel.

The "camera" visibility attribute doesn't do the job, since it forces the light to appear black, I don't want that.

I thought of the shuffle node, but the dome light doesn't have any alpha input, so I'm stucked with this.

Any way to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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in reply to: joie

Is this something impossible to achieve I assume?

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in reply to: joie

Not with skydome light. If it's visible to the camera, then the alpha is white.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: joie

May you suggest another workaround for that issue?

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in reply to: joie

Show us with an image what you want to achieve.
The final output, if it's a screen dump from Photoshop, fine.

It is not clear to me what kind of output you want, but I am fairly sure we can cook up a solution for it.
Might be a combination of a couple of AOVs, or not.

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in reply to: madsd

No need for an example image in my opinion, just want to be able to control the alpha of the skydome light. I want to see it in the beauty render and be blak in the alpha channel. Just that.

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