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Region renders broken in MtoA ?

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Region renders broken in MtoA ?

Hi all,

We've just rolled out mtoa and it appears the region rendering is broken. Values on the following attrs...

  • defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMinX
  • defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMaxX
  • defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMinY
  • defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMaxY

...seemingly have no effect on the render, interactive or batch.

But... I can't find anyone else complaining about this which seems odd. Can anyone confirm this?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Right, looks like those settings are not exported.

How are you setting them? With a script or do you load defaultArnoldRenderOptions into the Attribute Editor?

As a workaround, you could set it the User Options

region_min_x 100 region_max_x 200 region_min_y 150 region_max_y 450

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Anonymous

I was setting the attributes via a script.

Tried the user options and it worked perfectly. Thanks Stephen!

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in reply to: Anonymous

I'm seeing this when setting the properties via a script but using the user options isn't really an option, are there different commands we should be using?

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in reply to: jusbla

You can set the user options with a script too

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Anonymous

@Justin AWSThinkbox We saw issues with jigsaw renders today - tiles rendering whole frames which I guess must be down to this issue.

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in reply to: Anonymous

In case it's useful for anyone, there's a simple fix for this. Deploy the following as a pre-render script:

def setUserOptions():
    minX = cmds.getAttr('defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMinX')
    maxX = cmds.getAttr('defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMaxX')
    minY = cmds.getAttr('defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMinY')
    maxY = cmds.getAttr('defaultArnoldRenderOptions.regionMaxY')
    userOptions = 'region_min_x '+str(minX)+' region_max_x '+str(maxX)+' region_min_y '+str(minY)+' region_max_y '+str(maxY)
    cmds.setAttr('defaultArnoldRenderOptions.aiUserOptions', userOptions, type='string')

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