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Not Rendering Reflections from AiShadowMatte Node

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Not Rendering Reflections from AiShadowMatte Node


I am having trouble getting the AiShadowMatte shader to render reflections from my object. In the image attached, you can see the object (the animal) casting shadows on the plane below it with an AiShadowMatte shader assigned. So far so good. The issue comes when I enable Indirect Specular in the AiShadowMatte shader, yet no reflections appear in the render. The settings on my AiShadowMatte shader are default except for:

  • Enabling Indirect Specular
  • Enabling Indirect Diffuse
  • Disabling Use Background
  • Specular intensity set to 1

I have searched for a solution to this but have not found anyone having a similar issue. Achieving these reflections is made extremely easy in videos like this one:

The creator in this video simply enables Indirect Specular and the reflections appear. I have followed this tutorial to a tee and not been successful. I recognize that this video was from an older Maya/Arnold version so perhaps the workflow has changed. In any case, how might I approach getting these ground reflections?shadow-render.jpg

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Works for me. Do you have the AOVs enabled to see if there is something there?

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