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Multiple color spaces

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Multiple color spaces

Hi there! Thanks for your time!

Is it possible to specify a color space for Arnold per AOV driver?

For example, we would like to use ACEScg exr for the main output and another RGBA tiff aov in the log space.

The reason for that is that our network is not great, we would like to use the exr passes only when absolutely necessary, and mainly use the more lightweight tiff for most of our comps.

A work around would be to use the output transform as ACEScg, the view transform in Log and on those AOVs that we want to be in Log, use the view transform as output.

But that is not optimal, we would like to keep the view transform in Rec.709, the main output transform in ACEScg and exr, but also use another driver such as tif, with log output.

Thanks again!

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