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multiple aiStandins in MASH with ID Node don't get instanced correctly

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multiple aiStandins in MASH with ID Node don't get instanced correctly


I know this is more a maya question, but it is related to using arnoldStandins...maybe someone here has expereinced this as well:

So I have been experiencing a problem which seems to me like a bug.

I set up a Mash network, where I use 3 ArnoldStandins in the instancer, then add an ID node to MASH set to linear and 3 to get a distribution of the 3 different nodes from the instancer. When I do this, I get multiple instances on one point and no instance on the other, both in viewport as in the render.

I set up the whole same set up but use standard polymeshes instead, it works fine.

I set it up with just one ArnoldStandin instead of 2 oder 3 different ones, it works fine.

Please see on the pictures attached what I mean. The outer circle is the setup using polymesh, the inner ArnoldStandins.

The first picture shows how it works fine with 1 ArnoldStandIn, the second one how it acts when you have 3 ArnoldStandIns.



I tried a work around, with proxy objects, where I used a cube, set the Arnold Translator to procedual, set the path to the ass file, then instancing those cubes via MASH. I am wondering, is this the only way this is supposed to work?

We tested this on 3 machines with different configurations and I could reproduce this error on all of them.

MAYA 2018.3 , Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti driver version 390.77 MtoA arnold core

MAYA 2018.3 , Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti driver version 398.63 MtoA arnold core

Maya 2018, Nvidia Geforce GTX 650Ti Boost driver version 391.01 MtoA arnold core

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@caroline kiessling

It is a viewport bug. I got the same results but it rendered correctly. If you toggle visibility on the instancer node then it should correct itself.


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Thanks! I toggeled the visibility and then recached the MASH network. That fixed it. Hopefully it stays that way!

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