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Crash using USD in standin

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Crash using USD in standin


I decided to test out the new features of Arnold 4.0.3.
More specifically the USD support in Arnold.

What I did was create a simple object (in my case a Chrome ball)
Exported that selection into a USD using the USD exporter that's now native in arnold 4.0.3.
Afterwards import it through a standin.

This all works, BUT when I create a second standin and use the same source file of the usd the problems start.

The moment i want to render this out (IPR) either:

-Maya instantly disappears

-Maya freezes completely, IPR keeps a black screen and CPU keeps calculating at 97%

Don't really think there will be a solution but thought I should share this with the devs.
Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks a lot for reporting, we have indeed noticed these crashes in other plugins too.

We're looking into fixing it ASAP for a future hotfix.


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Hi @Sebastien Blaineau-Ortega, was this ever fixed? I'm noticing this same crash with MtoA 4.2.3 and Arnold

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in reply to: rikU2849

I cannot reproduce this with MtoA 4.3.2, Maya 2022.1, Windows 10

I'm doing Export Scene > Export Selected to USD, and selecting just shapes and shaders.

This was logged as

and the fix was released in

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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