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cpu render performance warnings

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cpu render performance warnings


In my render log I get this warning. "Rendering CPU utilization was only 14%. Your render may be bound by a single threaded process or I/O." I have 36 cores and I think it's rendering a little slow. Is there a way to utilize my cpu more. Is scene loading a single thread operation? Here's my render log.

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in reply to: teddude75

The log file says:

00:00:09   934MB         | frame time                   0:07.93    machine utilization (13.68%) 
00:00:09   934MB         |  node init                   0:00.04 
00:00:09   934MB         |  driver init/close           0:05.14 
00:00:09   934MB         |  rendering                   0:01.72 
00:00:09   934MB         |   pixel rendering            0:01.70 
00:00:09   934MB         |  unaccounted                 0:01.02 

So the majority of your render time is related to writing out the images (the driver init/close). My guess, from looking at your other log file stats is that the specific culprit is the progress_driver open, which is doing some maya calls to setup the progress bar. The actual rendering, which is multi-threaded only took 1.7s.

I suspect that if you wrote your scene out to an .ass file and rendered with kick that you'd find it much faster and would have a higher machine utilization. I'll see if we can repro the slow progress bar setup on our end and if there's anything we can do to improve it.

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in reply to: teddude75

Or just batch render the maya scene from the command line? I wouldn't expect that to be using the progress driver.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: teddude75

While this is an old thread, I was wondering @Stephen.Blair, what might be causing a sequence render to crash with the preceding issue being that my ram bumps up to 250GB usage. There are only bifrost graphs and alembics and the scene size is 45mb. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot? I've noticed that one substance texture file consistently needs to be re-cached and is deemed to be missing and can't be converted to .tx so I removed it altogether, but the ram related crashes persist.

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in reply to: Polytikal1

@Polytikal1 Can you post this as a new question so that I can answer it there?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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