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Carbon Fiber workflow

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Carbon Fiber workflow


I'm wondering on how to create a decend carbon fiber material. I have a decent result but sometimes, when the light change i need and i want to change something.

I'm using to map coatNormal. First question, whats's the connection is in roder to have the detail inside!before the coat layer and not on top?.

I connected with 2dBump Maya. The problem is that i connecting also the normal map on Geometry bump slot, with 2dBump \Normal. But i have an eccesive strength. How do you make it usually. What your workflow.

I followed the Arvid tutorial, but the result is not what i want.

Also i followed the thread here, but the infos on how to connect mismatching. Or maybe i don't get the result(is me)


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Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Thank you lee. I have the normal map not bump map. On bump map i can reduce the strength, not in the normal. Now i'm trying using the aiNormalmap connected to aiImage on normal coat. I Hope

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If you want to reduce the strength of a normal map, you can mix it with either the object space normals or the tangent space normals (0.5, 0.5, 1.0), depending on which space your normal map uses.

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Hi @Zeno Pelgrims. How do you mix this nodes togheter?

Thank you

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@Dario Ortisi i think he is saying to mix the bump and normal map and then use the mix weight for changing the contribution of the respective inputs

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@Dario Ortisi

For a tangent space normal map, mix a constant value of [0.5, 0,5, 1.0] with your input normal map. You can do this in an aiLayerRgba node.

For an object space normal map, mix the output of a utility shader set to flat+normals with your input normal map. You can do this in an aiLayerRgba node.

You could mix normal and bump maps in various ways, first converting them to equal coordinate spaces. @Bhuwan Sharma definitely do not mix those together directly though.

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