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Arnold ignores render camera, always renders perspective

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Arnold ignores render camera, always renders perspective

Using the Arnold render that is packaged with Maya 2017, I have a frequent irritating issue. Using the render option under "Render" > "Render Sequence", it will always render frames using the persp camera. I have my shot camera set as the only "renderable" camera in the Render Settings > Renderable Cameras settings. The viewport with that camera is the selected viewport, or is the only viewport being used.

The workaround that I have found is to open the Render View window, then go to "Render" > "Render" > and select my camera name. Then it starts rendering a test frame of that camera. Hit ESC to stop that, then I can start my render sequence and it will be set to the right camera.

Is there a better workaround than this? Am I doing something wrong? It can be a slow process to start and then stop the render, and more importantly can (and has) really bite me in the butt if I don't catch it on one of the rendering computers. If this is a bug, can Solid Angle add it to their list? Thanks.

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Hi, unfortunately it's Maya who decides which camera will be rendered in "Render Sequence", so we can't change anything on MtoA side. We'll report the issue to the Maya team.


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if you click on the options square button for "Render Sequence", you can choose "Render all Cameras", which will render with all cameras that are set to "renderable". Maybe in your case that's what you want to use ?

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Actually, this has been fixed in Maya 2018, where you can now choose which camera to render in Sequence Rendering

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Thanks @Sebastien Blaineau-Ortega!

I meant to try it in Maya 2018 before posting this question, glad to hear it's been fixed, thanks for the answer!

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I don't think this issue is resolved. I'm using Maya 2023 and have this exact same issue and the only thing that seems to fix it for me is closing the program and opening again. Very frustrating issue for something so simple.

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Is your camera set to be 'renderable'?


Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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