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Roughness maps from Substance Painter

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Roughness maps from Substance Painter


I'm about to pull my hair out trying to get roughness maps from Substance Painter to work properly in 3Ds Max / Arnold.

Seems like this should be pretty straightforward, and I've got all the exported maps to work pretty much like they should in Sketchfab. Wondering why there is such a huge difference in Arnold!

I am using the same HDR image in both of the following images, no extra lights, and my gamma is set to 2.2.

It sort of seemed like a normal map issue at first, but base color, metalness and normals look pretty much like they should when the roughness map is disconnected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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I don't see any images. ^^

Is the roughness map set to gamma 1.0?

Also what is the file type and bit depth of the roughness map?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Try connecting a Range shader in-between Specular Roughness and the texture map.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Well, that's embarrassing. 🙂 Here it is:


I did try to override the gamma to 1.0 on import, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I'll keep it in mind in the future though. It's a .png, 8 bit as far as I know.

Will try the range shader as soon as I can, and let you know if that works!


By the way, here is a link to the model on Sketchfab:

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Thanks for the help so far!

I tried to connect a range shader between the texture and the specular rougness, and made sure to import the map with gamma at 1.0. This is the result:


No difference, as far as I can tell...

I included a snapshot of the material as well. Might have made a mistake somewhere?

I have had some difficulty with my roughness maps in the past, generally they have been way too glossy and not really showing the same contrast or detail as in Substance Painter or Sketchfab. It's very demotivating to work on rendering this way, so I'm determined to get to the bottom of this. 🙂

To sum up, I have tried to export from Substance Painter with different presets (Arnold 5, PBR MetalRough), exporting to a different format and bitrate, tried overriding the gamma at 1.0 at import, connecting a range shader between the texture map and the specular roughness in Max - as well as changing the material type to a Physical Material.

Michiel, you asked what format and bit depth my texture was... is there a format that will work better with Max / Arnold than others? I exported my textures using the "Arnold 5" preset in Substance Painter, so I don't really understand why that wouldn't work.

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I finally managed to get a better result, turns out I had to create a new material for the maps to update. I'm still not getting quite the same result as in Painter, but at least it's pretty close to it.

Thanks for the tjp about gamma! I actually didn't know this, but apparently roughness, metalness and normal maps should be imported with gamma override 1.0. Base colour should be imported with automatic gamma. For anyone experiencing similar issues. 🙂

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