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Export materialX keeps failing when used "disp_autobump=True" using operator

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Export materialX keeps failing when used "disp_autobump=True" using operator

Hi Guys,
I have multiple GPU nodes in my scene, which are sharing a single aiSetParemetrOperator that overrides the shape parameter `disp_autobump`, But when this parameter value is set to True Arnold fails to export materialx file with the following error, This happens when both GPU are pointing to single shape caches, So I feel its failing in writing common assignments in materialx file... 




# Exporting Arnold Scene...
# Error: Maya command error
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "J:\tools\rez_packages\mtoa\\platform-windows\maya-2020\scripts\mtoa\", line 121, in <lambda>
#     cmds.button(label='Export', al='right', w=85, h=25, command=lambda *args: self.doExport())
#   File "J:\tools\rez_packages\mtoa\\platform-windows\maya-2020\scripts\mtoa\", line 61, in doExport
#     cmds.arnoldExportToMaterialX(filename=filename, look=lookName, properties=properties, relative=relativeAssignments, fullPath=fullName, separator=separator)
#   File "<string>", line 2, in arnoldExportToMaterialX
# RuntimeError: Maya command error # 




Surprisingly, After this point, materialX export does not work in this same session even on the default sphere, It keeps showing the below error for every next export, I assume this is because of an object instance is not closed properly which I am not aware how to solve.




ERROR   |  [mtoa] Session exportMaterialX already exists




I have attached a simple example with two sphere GPU caches and a single operator node for better understanding. You can try exporting materialX by selecting both GPU nodes and it will shoot the aforementioned error. 
Hoping for some solution OR workaround ASAP.
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