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TIP: Autodesk Health Dashboard and notifications

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TIP: Autodesk Health Dashboard and notifications



On the Autodesk WEB Site we have a Health Dashboard where you can see the status of the 360 Products including upcoming maintenance.  Go to the following link and sign up, then select the products you want to get updates about.  That way if there is an outage or slowdown, you will get a notification letting you know.   


Autodesk Health Dashboard:


Main Health Dashboard 001.png




Once you have subscribed, you will receive updates when there are issues or maintenance updates going on for the selected 360 Products.  You can also unsubscribe the same way.  


Be sure to go sign up for the Health Dashboard so that you can stay current on what is going on with the Autodesk 360 Products.    



Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

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This is awesome, thanks Bud! 

Charles Berteaux IV
EDT BIM/VDC/Technology Department Manager | SSOE Group | Hillsboro

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in reply to: CharlesBerteaux

Hello Everyone i am new here!!!!

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My Health subscription is listing my old email address, not my new one from my account.

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in reply to: jraiten

hi John,


Have you fully logged out, done a browser history cache clear, used a new browser session, signed in with your new Account Id email into the Health.autodesk.com page, and subscribed with it via the above steps?


Let me know if that doesn't resolve the issue for you.


Brett Wright
Community Manager

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