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Visualizing symmetry mode

Visualizing symmetry mode

Sometimes when you are working with complex models using symmetry modifier, its a bit hard to see which side of the model is the real one
when dealing with more than 1 axis.

Maybe a button/ check mark in the symmetry modifier so that people can choose to use it or not; that can help to visualize the original piece a bit better. could be handy for beginners.

in the example picture, the original piece is slightly darker.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 07-44-02 Symmetry Color help - 3ds Max.png


Useful. I suggest that the arrow used in the Mirror modifier (but only half of it) could be a good indicator of the "direction" of the symmetry, meaning which side is being brought over to the other.




@dswahn  nice one.

Or maybe just a dot in the center of the original piece just like Blender's origin point on a mesh. 

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