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Viewport Clipping management improvements

Viewport Clipping management improvements

It is good that we in 2024 can finally control the Viewport Clipping values parametrically via MAXScript. Handling Viewport Clipping in previous versions have been one of the biggest annoyances inside 3ds max.


However, not all users know that this is possible to change with actual values, or where to find scripts that provide an interface.  I suggest that parametric control for the near and far Clipping Planes should be added to the Active Viewport Settings so that any user can find and control this in the most logical place to look without the need for external solutions.


And now that we can control this with using actual numbers we do not need to rely on that slider gizmo thing on the view of the viewport, so please let the user toggle whether this gizmo should be visible in the viewport while Viewport Clipping is enabled. And please expose this to MAXScript so it can be toggled by custom tools.

It is often the case that when you need to make screenshots of the viewport you need to have Viewport Clipping enabled to minimize z-fighting, and the gizmo will always be there as a distraction. Let users be able to choose if they want to include it or not.




I like your suggestion and you bring up something I was unaware of...


So, how do you "control Viewport Clipping values parametrically via MAXScript" in case they never implement your idea?


@RobH2 here are the basics, available since 2024.2:

vps = NitrousGraphicsManager.GetActiveViewportSetting()
vps .ViewportClippingEnabled = true
vps .ViewportClipNear = 0.1
vps .ViewportClipFar = 0.9

more in the online help

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