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Visual LISP, AutoLISP and General Customization

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Default Printer "Printing Preferences"

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09-18-2012 08:15 AM

Can anybody help????


Is it possible, using Visual Basic.Net to set the "Printing Preferences" for the default printer?


I need to change the paper size (A4, A3) and orientaion (Portrait or Landscape) before I send a file to the printer.


Can this be done?


Many thanks in advance!!

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Re: Default Printer "Printing Preferences"

09-18-2012 03:31 PM in reply to: isocam

Have you considered using the PC3 method for each paper size

and/or orientation you may have in your given environment?






The only one I have a problem with is the DWG to PDF.

It never wants to remember the paper size (I use CutePDF instead).


If you do employ the PC3 method, suggest hiding the system printers

so as not to be confused with which one you are selecting.




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