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For people who use a structured file system the inevitable gaps that eventuate when using Vault Numbering Schemes are a real pain. Here is a thread discussing it. Surely it can't be that hard for the Vault Developers to change this function? Vault can assign numbers but nothing should be done (numbers allocated) until Save is hit. This change in action would eliminate the gaps and make our lives better.

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Currently a Vault can become very large when storing Autodesk Simulation Mechanical files.


I think the ability to purge the results portion after a certain time frame could prove to be an excellent space saver.


See this thread for a description of the problem.

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Web Based ADMS

Status: Accepted
by Employee on ‎07-13-2012 04:03 PM
It would be great to have a web based ADMS console. This would help companies where ITdoesnt let anyone have remote access to servers.
Status: Accepted
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Being an ex-Solidworks PDM administrator, it would happen to me quite oftern where I would have to restore a single file to the PDM environment.  This would require logging on to the PDM server and moving the deleted file (which was never really deleted, just moved to a location within the PDM so out of viewing sight from the casual user) back to it's original location.  This was an operation that only an administrator could perform.  Having had training to do this it was a rather simple operation.  So I am requesting similar abilities be implemented here in the Autodesk Vault side of the world.


Please see this thread that explains the conditions I was faced with and have been from the past.

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Allow an administrator to define a UDP that is updated on lifecycle transition.


When a document moves from

WIP to In Review write the username to a UDP e.g.  Drafted by

In Review to Released write the username to a UDP e.g.  Approved by


Currently it is manual effort to update the UDP prior to state change.


This is an Out of the Box feature with Solidworks Enterprise PDM and requested by users moving from this system to Vault

Status: Under Review
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Improved Vault Users & Groups Managment

Status: Accepted
by Contributor Andrew1307 on ‎05-20-2014 09:38 AM

As it currently stands it is not possible to delete users and groups within Autodesk Vault. 


This is a problem. I understand Autodesk's stance on that the users need to be retained for historical reasons, however the management side of things needs to be improved. 


For example I created a group and users that were never used. Why can't I delete them? Objects that were never used should be allowed to be deleted. Also as the database grows and users are hired and terminated, the list will grow to an unmanageable mess.


What has happened to me is that I am in the middle of implementing Vault for my company. When I first set it up I created users. However, since then we have switched to a Domain and have now imported the Domain users and groups to use. Now I have groups and users that have never been used that I have no way of deleting or using for anything else. 


I have found blogs and forum posts suggesting that users be diabled and renamed so that they are sorted appropriately. This is a hack solution at best and not a real solution to the problem. 


As I see it two things need to happen:


1. Unused users and groups need to be allowed to be deleted. 

2. There needs to be additional options and sorting methods for used users and groups that are no longer active. ie. Once they are disabled they are moved to a different list and only retained for historical purposes. 

Status: Accepted
Can you provide some examples of other software applications that you would consider having a really good user management interface?
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Vault licensing flexibility

Status: Future Consideration
by Moderator MiWaNiZa on ‎01-17-2013 12:09 AM

Please, add an ability to use several Vault license types at one server. For example, using combination of Vault Collaboration and Vault Professional.

Because not all users need the top functionality, but read-only from web-client is not enough for them - so why pay more? Customers really need this feature.


One of discussions: at Vault forum.

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Index Block Attributes: Copy/Paste list of block names

Status: New Idea
by Collaborator on ‎09-03-2014 09:09 AM - last edited on ‎09-03-2014 09:11 AM |

Have the ability to copy/paste mutliple block names in one quick step.

We have approx. 50+ title block names, and it is a tedious task to import the names.




Also, we have 'version numbers' in our block names, so this is a 'living' and 'ever changing' list.

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Autodeskvault instance name

Status: Accepted
by Participant on ‎09-14-2012 01:42 AM

Allow Vault installation/configuration to connect to an Instance not named AUTODESKVAULT

We have several separate vault servers (Professional) all connected to remate databases on an SQL cluster. The SQL people claim that they can only have one single instance called AUTODESKVAULT in their complete environment AND that instance names MUST follow their naming conventions

Actually, vault is the only software that I know of that requires a specific instance name



Status: Accepted
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Status: New Idea
by Explorer barceloj on ‎11-17-2014 11:57 AM

So far, Vault is the only program I use where I have to type in something special to find a piece of a text string.  Everyother program with a search function will find “AutoCAD” if I just search for “CAD”, except, ironically enough… Autodesk Vault!


Having to use wildcards and boolean operators in the age of Google seems antiquated.

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