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Option to show only the tip released versions in the Thin Client

Option to show only the tip released versions in the Thin Client

Currently, Vault Thin Client has the option to show only Released file revisions, and while this is good -  what would even be better is the ability to show only the tip (latest) revision of the file in the history pane.


For example, the part below has two revisions - rev 1 and rev 2. In that particular scenario, after the file was Released, a Quick Change was done to it - so in essence, the same file has two versions of the same released revision:



In effect, Revision 1 has two versions (ver. 9 & ver. 11), and Revision 2 has two versions (ver. 13 & ver. 15) which is shown in the history pane.


With this, it is possible for consumers downstream to the design office to get confused as to why there are two versions of a revision. It would be best to show only the tip versions of released revisions (ver.11/Rev.1 and ver.15/Rev.2).


In addition, an option not to turn off the History pane would be good to further ensure that only the absolute latest would be seen by Document Consumers.


This enhancement would also be in line with another idea in







Great idea,

I would also like it if you had the ability to only actually see the latest Revision and hide the other Revisions.

Example below...

Hide Revisions.PNG

Community Visitor

This is an absolutely fantastic idea.  One of my clients has a big issue with guys on the shop floor being able to see previously released old versions meaning there is a danger of making parts to the wrong drawing.  It is failing their quality process.  There should be the option to turn this off and on.


I agree that this is a great idea.  The ability to hide revisions in the history pane would clear up confusion and remove any chance of the wrong drawing revision getting to the manufacturing floor.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented

This capability has been implemented with Autodesk Vault 2019. A New option in the administrator setting allow you to control to show latest version or not in the history tab.


Thank you for implementing this change, it has worked out great for us so far.  Our company also has an issue with old versions/revisions being pulled from the Thin Client due to a user accidentally unchecking "Find Latest Version" under the search bar:

Find Latest Version.PNGFind Latest Version 2.PNGI'm wondering if there is a setting that removes the option to uncheck this, or another way I can prevent these multiple revisions from appearing?


Hi Cdj2017,


I raised this with Autodesk support as soon as 2019 came out, thinking it must have been a bug. [As why would you still be able to find older versions if you ticked the new 'Latest version' check box in the thin client settings.??!!]

It turns out that it is working as intended and that if I think it should be changed then I would need to raise a separate idea on Vault Idea station.


I haven't got round to raising this idea yet. 😞

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