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Probably useful feature - create two sides for comfortable file operations.

Status: Accepted

In a job shop environment, changes occur like anywhere else. However, more often than not, when a post release change has occured you need to pull the released version of the model, drawing or documentation. You DON'T want people to carry on using the released version while you work on a new one in a Work In Progress (Non-Released State).


Currently the only option in the Thin Client is to only display Released Versions... or to display all versions. Which is perfect in a production environment.


Please add the option to hide Released Versions if there is a newer Non-Released version. This will ensure the workshop don't accidentally use information which is essentially incorrect.


You could simply leverage the 'Latest Version' property on Released objects and filter out any objects where the value is False.

Status: Under Review

Short version:
In the action rules for copy design. Please include property "Browser node name" for making it possible to set: "Browser node name > Set value as > File name.
This is also important for the "rename" command found on the regular right click menu.

Long version and explanation:

When using copy design in Vault it is very easy to use Action rules to update the Part number to be equal to the new file name.
This is critical and work perfect.
However, the "Browser node name" seen in the Model browser in inventor is impossible to get updated when using copy design.
This is also critical and does not work since there isn't any option to manage this.


Make an assembly consisting of two parts. First with the browser node name untouched and the second with a modified browser node name.
Check in and run a copy design in vault and open the assembly. Now the browser node names for the assembly itself and the first part are updated, the browser node still displays "part number". However, the second part with the modified browser node name is not updated and still shows the old modified name.


This is a big problem. Since my customer works with hundreds of imported cad-files, every single browser node name has been "overwritten" in the import process (by the system or by choice I do not know).
The files are then being used as normal and when running copy design it gets really confusing since about 70% of the files in an assembly now are displayed with the wrong/old name in the model browser.
To correct this the user must delete the name and hit enter to get it reset to file name (or use rename browser nodes). This seems like an extra step and can get frustrating.


It seems to me that there is a lack of functionality here and probably this is easy for you to implement:
In the action rules for copy design. Please include property "Browser node name" for making it possible to set: "Browser node name > Set value as > File name.
This is also important for the "rename" command found on the regular right click menu.

Status: Under Review



Upgrading to 2016 VP from 2014 and noticing a drop in effiency and a much more complicated workflow when changing the state of an item and its children in a change order from WIP to In Review. It can be done...but is way more complicated and more mouse clicks than previous versions.


Please watch video link to see what I'm talking about...



Any suggestions on how to make this work flow better...would be open.


Thank you,


Steve Hilvers

If you do a change in your property mapping, e.g. add a property mapped to an item, then via Assign/Update Item you have no chance to get these changings into your item.


Because first you have to add the property manually to the item, then you get via Update/Assign Item the new value of the document into your item.



Why does Assign / Update Item not create the additional property in an existing item?

We have 166.962 items at this time.

How can we proceed without clicking each single item and add a property?


We all know, by the time we have to do any  changings in the configuration.

It will be very helpful to give changings in the property mapping the full function via Update/Assign Item, like it is in a new item.

I think it would be a good idea, to be able to ask for someone to check it in, because we all forget to do so sometimes.  After a file has been checked back in, you would get some sort of message telling you that is available for edit.  If there are a few people working on a common model but on different disciplines.  

When I create or update an Item, all drawing and presentation files are automatically linked to the Item.

My problem is that I have several idw files that contains the part.

So, when I create the item, I have too much files that I don't want to see in the main window of the item.


Not so easy to find my iam file...


Please, let me choose if I want to link these files or not, as Vault option or item option !!!




Vault file status Inventor

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate joerituijn on ‎12-08-2015 12:53 AM

It happens often that I create new files but forget to add them to Vault. It would be great to have a dialog pop up for files that are not in vault yet asking if I want to add them? Like the dialog asking me if I want to check the file in after editing.


I also really dislike having to switch to the vault tree and back to my model tree all the time. An integrated tree that shows both would be great! The Vault status icons in front of my model tree icons would be very useful.


Job queue administration

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant magnus.torell on ‎04-12-2016 01:34 AM

Sometimes there's a lot of jobs for the job server to do, and sometimes you need to remove items from the queue.
Today you mark the queue items you want to remove and travel to the remove button with the mouse and press remove.

Why not have the remove button as a right click on the mouse instead or as an option at least?

Copy and Paste from Rename Dialog

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast pdecker on ‎01-25-2016 11:48 AM

It ends up being an extra step to remove the word NEW. We have found that calling anything NEW is not a good idea when the next NEW comes along. Let the prefix/suffix feature do it's job and make its use mandatory (or at least let us set the default and rules).

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