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Vault Workgroup discontinued on July 6

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Vault Workgroup discontinued on July 6

I cannot find an official post from Autodesk on this, I got this information from my reseller. Anyone have a link to an official source?


Vault workgroup will be discontinued with last new purchase on July 6 2022, and last 1 year renewal on July 6 2023. 

Lets discuss the implications of this.


For us it will be 8 times more expensive for each cad-user license at the moment, although we need fewer in total as some users only need read access (for free using pro). This is because our ancient licenses has been converted to subscription with rebates and so on multiple times and we only pay around a quarter of the new subscription cost. Now we are forced to move to pro with no rebates at all. Should have kept our perpetual licenses!

For a small department like us, what's most annoying is that the job processor needs a full license which will cost a lot extra for marginal utility.


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Another one bites the dust! And this one is going to be a problem for all the customers using it, Vault Workgroup is a data management system and will need a significant effort to get off it and onto something else! The friendly Vault team have kindly and politely informed me that I can't count! ...
After the announcement that Autodesk are cancelling Vault Workgroup, this video covers some corrections to some info as well as expanding on some points I raised i.e. migration complexity =================================================== Autodesk software is always on discount! Check the store ...
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in reply to: AlexanderVokes

here is the FAQ: Vault Workgroup Discontinued 

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in reply to: DarrenP



"3.1 If I am a Vault Workgroup customer who switched from multi-user to single user, will I still have access to the special price for Vault Professional?
Yes, customers with an active Vault Workgroup subscription who previously switched from a multi-user to single user subscription can take advantage of Vault Professional multi-user to single user trade in pricing."


My reseller didn't mention this, I'll have to talk to them about that. Not sure I understand how it will be applied though.

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in reply to: DarrenP

My reseller informed me that the FAQ you linked is outdated, and this one is valid instead:



The section on trade in from multi-user:

"3.1 If I am a Vault Workgroup customer who switched from maintenance and/or multi-user to single user, will I still have access to the special price for Vault Professional?
Active Vault Workgroup multi-user customers, who have not participated in the MU2SU program, can utilize MU2SU to upgrade from Vault Workgroup to Vault Professional. Vault Workgroup customers who have previously switched from maintenance and/or multi-user will not receive special pricing when upgrading from Vault Workgroup to Vault Professional."


So yeah if you used the MU2SU program which we were pressured to do, then you're SOL!

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in reply to: AlexanderVokes

Our reseller recommended that we terminated the use of Vault completely and moved everything to ACC. This was due to that we had to change to Vault Professional and that it would be way more expensive for us, than it used to be. He presented this as it is the beginning of the end for Vault, and that we should move over to ACC.  We have experienced that this helped us when it came to files that got corrupt from time to time. On the other hand, creating a new Plant3D project now is tedious. First, we must create the project in ACC, the create a new project locally, then uploading the project to ACC. I miss a feature in Plant3D were I could do this directly I have to say.


It seems to be several ways for file handling. In our organization we are about 50 Autodesk user. We mostly use Plant3D, but also Revit, MEP, Civil3D.


This leads up to my question: Is ACC the future on how Plant3D projects should be stored in the cloud (replace Vault)? Or what is the best way to handle project for an organization like ours working in plant3D (time and cost wise)

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in reply to: C.H.S

I'm wondering what to do at the moment, too.
We already have Vault, it works just fine for what it does but we are currently exploring options for expanding on Vault with a PLM system or maybe ERP that can integrate with Vault.
But I feel that we're at a crossroads ...... is staying with Vault the best option? Or should we ditch Vault and go for a cloud solution - which seems to be the way things are going?

Autodesk acquired Upchain a couple of years ago ... maybe that's an option?
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in reply to: C.H.S

>(...)It seems to be several ways for file handling(...)

If all You need from Vault is to be able to trace file history then You may try considering GIT based solutions. GIT was designed by programmers for programmers mainly, but it can handle any file. And it can handle "history variants". Plus, if You will try the GIT server like GitBlit or GitLab You will get an "issue" handling in a bonus. It is free, fully open source solution so You won't have any problem with finding someone who can handle the support for it for ages. Your IT department may be sufficient.
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in reply to: mrB_Young

>(...) ERP that can integrate with (...)
Be very, very careful, esp. if You think about Vault+Inventor and ERP.

ERP is about "logistics" and CAD is about "design". You may be surprised how much the structure (assembly, part, sub assy and etc.) differs if looked at from the "logistics" point of view and when seen from a design point of view. This means that the structure of the product in ERP may evolve due to changes in production chain, change in production method or even if some machine got broken.

In generic making changes in ERP is super quick. In my opinion at least 50 times faster than change in a design documentation. Imagine then what will happen if You will bind the ERP logistic structure of a product with Your CAD structure, and the factory manager will say: "I would like to stock that half of this assembly in the warehouse now, cause we have spare power on machine X but have full load on machine Y". The logistic structure immediately stops mating with design structure. What will happen if You have had bound Your CAD with ERP?

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in reply to: tomasz.sztejka

We linked ERP to Vault at one of my earlier work places and it worked out just fine.
But I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it it and how you use it.
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