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Vault Pro client uses different account than the one logged in.

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Vault Pro client uses different account than the one logged in.

One of my users log in with Windows authentication, but despite her username being shown in the lower right corner, it is another account being displayed when you click on the LR corner. When checking out files, Vault displays the files as checked out by the other account. If she logs in with Autodesk ID, there is no problem. Her own user profile is shown, and she is credited on the checked-out files. I even removed Windows authentication as an option for her in Global Settings - User profile, but she is still able to access Vault Pro client choosing Windows authentication, and the files she access is then credited to the other account. 

The user information for the other account must be cached somewhere but I can't figure out where. I've

  • Cleaned up C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ (deleted folders AutoCAD 2022 Vault Addin, Autodesk Vault Professional 2022, Inventor 2022 Vault Addin, Microsoft Office og VaultCommon)
  • Stopped AdSSO and deleted %localappdata%\Autodesk\Web Services\LoginState.xml

but the problem persists. Any ideas?

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You should see "Windows Authentication", after "Autodesk ID" under the "Accounts" field of the "User Profile" prompt you have in your picture, if the Windows Authentication is indeed selected as a login option.
Try this:
1- remove Windows Authentication as an option for login;
2- rename the user display name and let the Vault update search indexes;
3- rename the user display name back to the original you want and again let Vault update;
4- enable Windows Authentication as an option for login for the user (click "Accounts" and toggle it on with the correct domain user being selected).

You could try a similar "reset" with the domain user in your AD to see if that shakes out the wrong record, if the above fails.
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Just a comment on security: you have too much information on that image, server, vault name, usernames, domain name..

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