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Long time to Check-in

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Long time to Check-in

On my larger assemblies, I have noticed that it takes a looong time for the check in to fininsh. Depending on the assembly, it may take 5-8 minutes. The check-In progress meter will show 100%, Inventor task manager CPU usage is at "00". Doesn't seem like anything is happening.

I suspect it has something to do with the DWF because when I go to Vault Explorer, view tab, the assembly is shown with the DWF viewer. I have the DWF attachment option DISabled in Vault Explorer >Tools>Administration. Is it still creating a "Hidden" dwf file? There is not a dwf in vault for the assembly that was just checked in.

Is this the trouble? Is it being processed on the local machine or at the server? Is there anyway to speed this up?

Vault 5, Inventor 10-sp3a

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Have you found anything that helps?

We just switched to Vault 5 (w/ IV10) this week and I've noticed similar behavior.
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When you save, are you creating the DWF file?

The DWF is a "Hidden" file in Vault Explorer. You can turn the visiblility of hidden file on/off under Tools>Options, Show Hidden Files.
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The DWF are causng the problem? I need them to be there, since we'll be using ProductStream soon. I guess I'll have to live with it.
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I could be. Whenever you check in a file, a dwf is created. It it is a large idw, it may take a few minutes to create it.
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Creating DWF's for larger Assemblies and/or Drawings will absolutely halt the check in process.  I've seen some designs take up to 5 hours to complete the check in while I'm sure 4 Hours and 55 Minutes of that time was creating DWF's.


I resolved a clients issue by sending the DWF creation to the Job Processor.  They can now check in their larger designs within minutes!

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