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Exporting DXF to CAM (Revisions query)

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Exporting DXF to CAM (Revisions query)

I am currently integrating Inventor and Vault into my workplace and struggling with a revisions query. We specialise in sheet metal and therefore heavily use the sheet metal aspect of Inventor. Historically we have saved files as such: 


P23549 (this then becoming P23549#2 upon being revised and so on)

We then export to our CAM software (Lantek) with it recognising the numerical difference. However, Vault does not offer this as it would have to become a new drawing. It sees that it has already entered the database and pops up with that message.

Have people encountered this issue and any workarounds would be very welcome.    

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What is "that message" specifically?
If you wish to create a query or saved search, you can de-select Options > "Find latest versions only" to search for all revisions in history. Then, include a "Revision is #2" criteria in your query.
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The message is from the CAM software (Lantek), saying 'Part already exists in database - do you wish to overwrite'. 


It isn't so much about finding the latest revisions. It is more about getting Vault to create a new reference for each DXF. Whereas It only saves over it currently with no renaming available. 

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