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Revit Quick Start Guide

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Revit Quick Start Guide

The Revit Quick Start Guide helps you improve your skills. For first-time users, Key Revit concepts, Revit driver’s manual, and the User interface tour are a great place to start. If you already understand the fundamentals, the Basic tasks and Project management articles show you how to design in Revit. Finally, if you want to work with a larger project, the Sample project files show how to use Revit on a project.


Revit Curated Guide - Full List



Revit user interface tour

Navigation in Revit

Using keyboard shortcuts in Revit

Visibility and graphics settings in Revit

Understanding families in Revit

Understanding parameters

Elements in Revit

Selecting elements in Revit

Temporary dimensions

Create a model in Revit

Model vs. Annotation

Place levels in Revit

Create grids in Revit

Control the display of levels and grids

Sketch modes in Revit

Create a boundary sketch

Add dimensions in Revit

Place tags and leaders

Create elevation views

Create views of your model

Selecting fields for a schedule

Creating sheets in Revit


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