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Autodesk Account Admin Quick Start Guide

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Autodesk Account Admin Quick Start Guide

Understanding your role as an Autodesk Account Administrator will help you get up and running quickly with your new Autodesk subscription. Learn about the value you bring to your team, how to manage your users and their products, and how to help them download, install, and activate their Autodesk software.


Autodesk Account Admin Quick Start Guide



Understand what an Autodesk primary admin does and their value

Understand the subscription models

Understand collections and products

Find Autodesk resources

Tour of Autodesk Account

Review which subscriptions your company purchased

Manage users and their products

Teach users how to set up an Autodesk account

Assist users in understanding their Autodesk Account

Teach users how to download, install, and activate Autodesk software

Teach users how to update their Autodesk software

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