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Use multiple versions of Revit at once

Use multiple versions of Revit at once

If a user runs 2 or more version of Revit at once (ex. running Revit 2022 and Revit 2023 simultaneously,) they are breaching the Autodesk terms of use.  One statement in the terms of use even forbids users from having more than 1 Revit version installed on their workstation at a time:


"If You receive an Update or Upgrade for any Software, You may install and use both the previous version and the new version of the Software for testing and migration purposes for a maximum of 120 days (beginning on the first installation date for the new version), provided that, during such 120-day period, You do not use both versions concurrently for production use. After such 120 days, (i) Your (including Your Authorized Users’) right to access and use such previous version will end, and (ii) You must stop all access to and use of the previous version (including all access and use by Your Authorized Users), uninstall all copies of the previous version, and, at Autodesk’s request, destroy any such copies or return them to Autodesk or the reseller from which You acquired the Offering."


Please allow Revit users to install and open multiple Revit year versions at once.  Revit users can already open multiple Revit windows at once so why would it make a difference to open 2 versions simultaneously?.  It would be very helpful to open multiple versions of Revit at once.  There is no reason for preventing paying customers from using the software they purchased.

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I think this is already covered by point 1.2.2Exception for Relationship Program Licensees. The termination of rights as to Previous Versions described in Section 1.2.1 (Effect of Upgrades) may not apply to Licensee if and to the extent (a) Licensee participates in a Relationship Program and the Relationship Program Terms authorize Licensee to retain such Previous Versions or (b) otherwise authorized in writing by Autodesk.


For "Relationship Program", I read "Subscription".

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