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REVIT LT ユーザーです。 小規模経営の個人事務所ですので、REVIT LTのサブスクリプションの価格は助かっています。また、同ソフトでクラウドレンダリングが利用できることに大変価値を感じております。








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Title: About token



I am a REVIT LT user. We are a small private office, so the price of the REVIT LT subscription is very helpful. In addition, I feel great value in being able to use cloud rendering with this software.


Recently my cloud credits expired and what was close to 100 points suddenly became 0. I didn't know that there was an expiration date, and I was quite surprised.


Although I'm not convinced that there is an expiration date, unless I purchase the token, I can't do final quality cloud rendering, so I wanted to purchase it, so I contacted AUTODESK. I learned that it will be close to 200,000 yen. Until now, 100 points of cloud credit could be purchased for about 16,000 yen, so the price has risen significantly and it is no longer available.


I contacted one of our partner retailers and they also said 500 tokens is the minimum unit.

This is because I thought I had to raise my voice and appeal to AUTODESK for a token sales method that would meet the needs of a small office like mine. We would like to sell in units of at least 50 tokens. If possible, I sincerely hope that you will sell 1 token at a time.

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