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Linking Contract # with End User

Linking Contract # with End User

Please add on the admin page a way to determine which end user has which contract#.


Currently there is no link between contract# and end user on the Admin page.


This is important when renewing licenses for a team of multiple people.  There is no way to know which end user's license is expiring.  Before renewing a license I need to contact the end user and confirm that they would like their license renewed.  The admin page is not currently a sufficient tool to do this.


The admin page should be explicit in stating this information.


Customer support's only solution was a roundabout method of looking at multiple pages on the admin and effectively guessing who the end user should be.



To my knowledge, all licenses are piled up, so it doesn't make a difference who's using what license. You can check the Usage reports to find out what's used by who and how long.

It does matter, at least on my end, or I wouldn't have wasted my time writing this.

What is the aversion to being explicit and connecting contract #s to end users?



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@michael_lynchVYYP2 No one here is Autodesk. No one. Nice request though, it should be that way. Hope it gets some attention at Autodesk.


In the meantime, for the next month-year-decade-or... you have other methods that are not ideal as well as your own solution to date to use.

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